Healing Science Institute

Holistic Health And Well Being Center

Healing Science Institute is dedicated to helping you live in total well-being. Recognizing our energetic nature, we practice various alternative health modalities including: Barbara Brennan Healing Science Energy Medicine, Family Constellation Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Reflexology.

Whether you are looking for physical or spiritual healing or simply want to relax and rejuvenate, give us a call to arrange a FREE consultation!

Meet Our Practitioners

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
EFT Certified
Family Constellations Certified

Susanna Roop


Rachel Nava

Integrative Massage Practitioner

American Massage Therapy Association Certified


Wonderful calming healing energy!!!!

 This is the most amazing source of positive change!!! Came in with PTSB from an auto accident and was comforted and directed to a potential shift out of crisis. Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!!! -Julianna

Dear Susanna,

  I was describing our therapy, and how much it really helped me. And I was thinking; I am so grateful for the decision I made to go see you and learn to deal with grief. I am so grateful for the part you played and I wanted to let you know that!
 Three and a half years ago I went through the most terrible thing I could ever think of happening in my life and today I can look back and say I DID IT! I am ok, my family is ok we love each other more now than ever. My heart is full of gratitude and I know things are exactly as they should be!
  I have experienced true healing, the kind that lasts not comes and goes! I pray that through all my trials;(as I know there will be more) and others trials that we will open our hearts enough to "feel" the hurt; than experience the "feeling of Joy" that follows! I love you Susanna thank you so much for being a part of this! I write this to help others as well as give you an update so feel free to share if you so desire. Again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
With love,

The moment I walked in the door of Healing Science Institute I was enveloped by the tranquil and relaxing setting. The practitioners were friendly and welcoming. I was going through a time of profound grief after the loss of a loved one. I was looking for support for the grief process. What I received was a very professional and loving healing. I felt a deep peace and sense of renewal after the healing I received. Thank you, HSI! I am so grateful for your presence in our community.


I had the good fortune to have full session of reflexology not long ago. I came off the table so balanced and so present. My body was, for a change, saying only nice things to me and I carried that strongly for the day and lingeringly for quite a spell. It had all the good effects of a good relaxation massage but there was an added bonus of a happier mind body spirit. Thank you, I shall return. – RW

If you haven't been to the Healing Science Institute for a treatment you are missing something fantastic! Susanna has wisdom, peace, and so much love running through her!!! It’s nothing short of magic! – LH

Susanna is a wonderful healer! They are committed to helping people and they do wonderful work! – TH

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