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Family Constellations

Family Constellation therapy is designed for people interested in resolving life issues and looking to find a solid foundation for new direction in their lives. The family constellation is the main process for revealing the hidden dynamics in a family so they can be worked with and healed. Participants are frequently amazed and deeply touched when the hidden love connections and entanglements within their systems are revealed. Hidden entanglements of this kind are found behind most personal and even professional issues.  Restoring balance and harmony to the family system is equally important for addressing physical illness - from lower back pain to cancer - as it is for emotional and mental suffering.

While much of psychology concentrates on exploring the conflicts in one’s childhood, Family Constellation work examines the tragedies in one’s family. Traumatic events, such as the premature death of a parent, sibling or child, an abandonment, crime or suicide, can exert a powerful force affecting later generations. Entangled with unhappiness from the past, family members often continue patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, fear, chronic illness and unfulfilled relationships. It’s a common theme: sad mother, sad daughter... alcoholic father, alcoholic son... the relationship difficulties of the parents, mirrored by the children. Some of the benefits are: Resolve misunderstandings, entanglements and blocks in family, partner, and other relationships, Break cycles of disconnection, alienation, abuse, dysfunction and poverty, Address parenting problems and painful family situations (i.e. divorce, single parenthood, miscarriage, infertility, abortion, adoption/custody) Deal positively with severe illness and death Uncover reasons for physical and emotional suffering and take steps towards healing (i.e. migraine, asthma, eating disorders, chronic backache, depression, anxieties and phobias, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse)